There is Always More to Learn

Wanting to change up my list of podcasts (Accidental Tech Podcast, Alternativlos, Back to Work, Core Intuition, CRE: Technik, Kultur, Gesellschaft, Developing Perspective, Fragmented, Hello Internet, Pragmatic, Raumzeit, Robot or Not?, Roderick on the Line, Software Engineering Radio, The Flop House, The Incomparable, The Talk Show With John Gruber, Upgrade, Welcome to Macintosh, You Look Nice Today) a bit, I went on the lookout for something not Apple-related but still developer centric. I stumbled upon the Fragmented podcast and have been continuously surprised at the amount and kind of things I learn from it. Notwithstanding reading the internet every day, this podcast managed to broaden my horizon: introduced new interesting people to read on the internet, discussed developing practices I either wasn't (AutoValue) or only tangentially (RxJava) aware of. It was a good example of the fact that every sizable community will have interesting things to learn that you don't already know about.